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Six Way To Go-Green For You and Your Home

Posted by Pola Mitra on Saturday, December 12, 2009, In : Construction 
One of the best and most effective ways to go green is by making eco friendly adjustments to your home.

Making eco-friendly home improvements is easier than you may think, and the benefits to your health and the environment can be dramatic.

Looking for green-friendly home improvement contractors? How about some tips on making your house an eco-friendly one? Do you want to "go green" when remodelling your home? There are various ways to make eco-friendly home improvements. Here are some eco-fr...

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Residential Plumbing and Piping Systems - Looped, Branched, and Plumbing Layout

Posted by Pola Mitra on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, In : Construction 

Types of residential hot water piping/plumbing systems including green plumbing layouts, looped piping, branched piping and combinations.

Residential Plumbing Systems

Generally there are two basic types of residential plumbing or piping systems layouts found in typical residential piping; series plumbed and branched. There are of course, many variations and  combinations of the two types. 

The figure below represents a typical series plumbed system. I have simplified the illustrations showing on...

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Siding Puts Fresh Face On Military Base Conversion

Posted by Pola Mitra on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, In : Construction 

Converting McClellan Air Force Base into the McClellan Park business park required re-siding the former base's warehouses with 600 squares of CraneBoard Double 7 siding.

For more than six decades, McClellan Air Force Base, located 5 mi. north of Sacramento, CA, was an integral component in the U.S. military's defense strategies. From its modest beginnings in 1935 as an air depot, to a site bustling with activity throughout World War II and the Cold War, McClellan played a vital role in protect...

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